The transplantation teams of CHU de Liege may perform all possible organ transplantations, including cadaveric or living‐related procedures in adult or pediatric recipients. For complete informations, do not hesitate to contact us


Cadaveric organ transplantation

Thanks to a very active cadaveric organ procurement policy in donors after
brain death or after circulatory death, the waiting time of patients
registered on the CHU Liege transplant lists is particularly short. In 2012,
the mean waiting time for a kidney graft was 367 days, et 66 days for a liver

To be allowed to be registered on cadaveric transplant waiting list in
Belgium, the Belgian law requires that a patient should be of Belgian
nationality or resident for more than 6 months in Belgium or in a country part
of the Eurotransplant organization (Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Austria,
Slovenia, Croatia). A patient can change of Eurotransplant waiting list on
simple request.

Living related transplantation

Living related transplantation is possible for kidney and liver
transplantation. In Belgium, the living donor is required to be older than 18
years and somehow related to the recipient. In living related kidney
transplantation, one of the two kidneys of the donor is procured by
laparoscopic technique (with small surgical incisions). This lessinvasivesurgical
procedure allows postoperative pain reduction and shorter
hospital stay. In living related liver transplantation, a part of the donor
liver is resected. The resection volume is related to the recipient size.
These procedures might be risky for the donor. For liver donation, the
mortality risk has been evaluated at 0.5%, or one death every 200 donations.